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We LOVE designing and installing home theaters dedicated for you!

A dedicated home theater room so you can watch sporting events, movies, television shows or play video games.

Home Theater Solution

Is audio visual system enough for you? Don't you think to build an empire in your house? 

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Why would you need a dedicated home theater ?

Purchasing audio system is probably one of your best buy ever especially during the pandemic, staying at home while watching a scary movie with family would be fantastic, listening to your favorite songs with amazing audio must be enjoyable, playing an exciting game with your kids must be a good bonding time. However, one thing that you will need to consider is renovating one of your rooms to be dedicated home theater where it would be an amazing thing you certainly never regret!


You can take your video games to a new level

In a dedicated home theater, gaming becomes a whole new game, so to speak. Video games become more immersive, with crisp larger than life imagery and realistic surround sound. Whether you’re a Guitar Hero, or in in the front lines of Call of Duty, playing video games in a home theater is a different experience—you’ll never want to go back!


You have front row tickets to any sporting event

Many of our clients share that hosting Sunday football games, March Madness nights or watching the Winter Olympics are a huge benefit to having a dedicated home theater. The big screen and surround sound will have you feeling like you are right there in the stadium.


You have complete reign over the remote control

When you go to the movies, they never stop the movie so you can use the bathroom or grab another drink. When you have your own theater, you are the king of your domain. You can stop the show, rewind to watch that football play, or watch a long movie over the course of two nights. It’s your choice.


Hello? Netflix anyone?

Home entertainment isn’t just movies anymore. Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services offer incredible content that we could have never imagined. Indie documentaries, binge-worthy television series, and original content films are now added to the mix for you and your family.


Sound and acoustics are how they should be

When we design and install a dedicated home theater, we start thinking about sound and acoustics early on because this is such an important part of having the best viewing experience. The shape of the room, speaker size, furniture placement and décor all contribute to how sounds behave in a room. In a home theater, you won’t have variable sound effects or scratchy feedback.


You can choose your own furniture

Dreaming of a new recliner? Or is a large sectional sofa more your speed? From beanbags to home theater specific seating, furniture can make or break a theater room because comfort is key! We can also work with you to design and build custom cabinetry to hide equipment or store media.


You can use (almost) any room for a home theater

Yes, basements are often a great choice for a home theater because they are dark and quiet, but we can help you modify a room to become a very sweet theater room. We’ve transformed extra bedrooms, offices, playrooms and garages into home theaters that work for you.


You can have fun with technology

Home automation and entertainment technology has truly become easy and fun to use. The integration with digital advances such as online streaming and smart home controls is fun and easy to use. For the technophile in all of us, a home theater brings technology and entertainment together for a state-of-the-art home.

No worries, we design until you satisfy with it. We build everything for you including acoustic treatment and soundproof of the home theater

Most of us dream about owning our own private home theater complete with state-of-the-art technology capable of recreating the full cinema experience. If you are going that extra step and building one, soundproofing is going to be a key issue.

To stay on the right side of the rest of the household – not to mention the neighbors – you will want to limit the escape of sound to a bare minimum (total soundproofing is impossible in a normal domestic building).

After reading above, are you eager to own an empire in your house but no clue how much it will cost? No worries, our team will consult and quote FOR FREE.

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